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Pool Table Moves

We move pool tables in New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas.  We can disassemble your pool table, pack it up, move it to another address, and then reassemble the table while getting it perfectly level. We take excellent care of all the tables that we transport. We pay close attention to make sure the finish doesn't get scratched. Disassembly only starting at $250 Full moves starting at $400


Re covering a pool table is a skill even few good upholsterers have. When done wrong, wrinkles and puckers are evident. Our skills in covering pool tables have been honed to perfection over the last 25 years. Prices start at $350

Table Maintenance

As mentioned in our table buying guide, maintaining your pool table is a must. Cloth will have to be changed every so often. But, rubber can and does need to be replaced as well. Should your table need new rubber, you should also factor in replacing the cloth too. Prices start at $300

Touch-up Work

Most modern tables that have been taken care of don't need much more than minor touch-up to get them back to looking like new (or extremely close to new). NO other pool table installers in the New Orleans / Baton Rouge areas offer Touch-up service. Price: $75/hr with a 2 hour minimum

Antique Table Restorations

Our table restoration work has been featured in both Inside Pool Magazine and the Times Picayune newspaper. We are the only billiard company in Louisiana (or the Gulf South, as far as we know) that actually restores pool tables. Most furniture restorers won't touch them! Prices vary according to the job.

Replacement Parts

At Billiards of New Orleans, we have the necessary tools, skills, and experience to either repair or replace ANY part on a pool table. If suitable replacement parts are not available, we have the facilities to fabricate replacement parts. This is no small feat. Many items (especially on antique tables) are simply no longer available or they were made for a specific table. Prices vary according to the job.
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