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Deception Abounds!

There's   some   misinformation   floating   around   regarding   who   is   who   online   regarding   pool table movers in New Orleans. Here, I'll give you the run-down. One   website   many   people   will   come   across   is   "neworleanspooltablemovers.com". This   is   our sister   site.   We   rent   that   website   from   the   domain   owner.   They   have   links   to   this   site   (that you   are   on   now).   We   are   located   here,   in   Metairie,   LA;   and,   have   been   doing   pool   tables here in the New Orleans for the past 25 years! As   mentioned   elsewhere,   we   are   proud   members   of   the   BCA   (Billiard   Congress   of America). The    BCA    is    an    organization    dedicated    to    the    advancement    of    the    billiard    industry, suppliers,   retailers,   bar   owners,   and   players   alike.   They   have   been   in   existence   since   1948 (and   having   close   ties   to   the   National   Billiard   Association   of   America,   going   back   to   1921). They   are   the   ONLY   nationally   recognized   trade   association   within   the   billiard   industry.   The BCA   hosts   trade   shows   annually;   with   hundreds   of   manufacturers   exhibiting   and   thousands of   retailers   attending   every   year.   The   idea   of   industry   standards   for   pool   table   installers   is not   a   new   one.   However,   aside   from   installation   classes   offered   by   Championship   D&R,   NO INDUSTRY   STANDARD   EXISTS.   Anyone   telling   you   otherwise   or   claiming   to   have   instituted industry standards for table installation is not telling the truth.
Another   (VERY   similar)   site   is   "pooltablemoversneworleans.com".   This   is   NOT   a   local   company. Although   their   site   has   all   the   information   to   make   a   customer   think   it's   a   local   company,   they are   not.   They   are   based   out   of   Oregon.   Their   principle   business   is   finders   fees.   They   use   "voice- over   IP"   phone   lines   with   local   numbers   and   post   local   fictitious   addresses   (which   here,   in   New Orleans,   happens   to   be   a   convenience   store   on   St.   Charles   Ave.)   all   in   an   attempt   to   make customers   believe   they're   dealing   with   a   local   company.   They   then   farm   out   the   work   to   a   local installer   for   a   fraction   of   the   price   quoted   to   the   customer. A   "whois"   web   search   will   show   that this website is owned by an individual in Oregon. Now   for   the   "ABIA"   (American   Billiard   Installer's Association).   They   boast   that   their   installers   are "members"    of    a    "trade    organization"    and    that    they    offer    an    "    industry    exclusive    service guarantee".   If   you're   wanting   a   "guarantee"   on   your   pool   table   from   the   "ABIA",   be   prepared   to pay    more    than    DOUBLE    what    a    local    installer    charges!   A    simple    search    with    the    Oregon Secretary   of   State   will   show   that   the   "American   Billiard   Installer's   Association"   is   owned   and operated   by   the   very   same   people   who   own   the   website   “pooltablemoversneworleans".   In   short, they   are   one   in   the   same.      The   "ABIA"   is   a   FOR-PROFIT   company   that   exists   solely   to   lend credibility to their other endeavors. Again, the "ABIA" is a FOR-PROFIT company! They are NOT a trade organization. If   having   a   good   service   after   the   sale   is   important   to   you,   ask   your   installer   (whomever   you choose)   to   provide   references   from   customers.   No   one   is   perfect.   We   all   make   mistakes   or overlook   things   sometimes.   Ask   for   references   from   customers   that   the   installer   has   had   to   go back   and   fix   a   problem.   EVERY   installer   should   provide   excellent   service   after   the   sale.   You don't need to pay DOUBLE the market rate for that guarantee!
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